5 Resources At Capital One You Should Know About
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Capital One associates sit on a green couch and talk about the benefits they receive from working at Capital One

5 Resources At Capital One You Should Know About

When you think of benefits that a potential employer can offer you, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? As a Capital One associate, you’ll find there are a wealth of benefits or resources available to help you reach your goals or offer support, both in and out of the office. If you’re considering pursuing further education or want to prioritize your mental health and well-being, there are ample benefits to support you. You can also find help to level up your professional skills or volunteer in your community through company- sponsored opportunities. Associates have access to all kinds of opportunities to help them grow.

Capital One associate in a gray shirt sits and smiles while talking about tuition reimbursement at Capital One

Resource to know #1: Tuition Reimbursement

Did you know that Capital One offers a generous tuition reimbursement program? Through Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions™, the Educational Assistance program allows all full-time or part-time associates to get reimbursed up to $5,250 per year by Capital One.

Judith, a Senior Agile Program Manager, leveraged the program to get both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She shared, “Capital One helped me immensely by reimbursing me for my BS in Business Management and my MBA. With each degree and certification I was able to climb the ladder to Admin, to Legal Associate, to Project Manager, to Scrum Master/ADL (Agile Delivery Lead) and finally now I'm an Agile Program Lead.”

You can take a standalone class, several of them, or work on an undergraduate or graduate degree. Capital One encourages a growth mindset, so if your heart's desire is to take that class that can help you grow your career, go for it!

Capital One associate works from home with her daughter and talks about the benefits she receives from working at Capital One

Resource to know #2: Confidential & free mental health support

Capital One has options for free or low-cost mental health for all associates and their families, whether they’re enrolled in the health plan or not. If you are not enrolled, you, your spouse or domestic partner and dependents can get up to 5 free virtual counseling (therapy) sessions per situation through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Live Health Online. Additionally, you can schedule a free virtual appointment with a Behavioral Health Counselor at your local on-site Be Well health center. EAP can also guide you to a local mental health professional that best fits your needs. If you are enrolled in the medical plan, you have no limit on the appointments you can schedule through Live Health Online. It’s easy to use and appointments are scheduled quickly any time, even evenings or weekends. If you have an in-network mental health provider (or find one through EAP), your visits are offered at a lower copay than other specialists, with the goal of making mental health care more affordable and accessible for all.

Resource to know #3: Invite an expert to inspire your team

For teams looking for a great way to connect and get to know each other better while learning something new, a peer facilitation session can be a great option. Going through the course catalog, you can request a peer facilitator to deliver a team building and learning session. One that might be worth bringing in? A team strengths session! Your peer facilitator will help you understand different strengths and communication methods across the team. If you're looking to reduce stress and focus on work and life integration, a mindfulness session with a peer facilitator will teach you valuable lessons and skills for a stress-free approach to problems and challenges.

Woman in a red shirt stands up and talks to a group as Capital One associates receive training as a benefits from working at Capital One

Resource to know #4: Become an expert and grow your skill set

If you are passionate about training and facilitation, you can become a peer facilitator and deliver a few programs dear to your heart "on the side of your desk". Want to deliver workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, or Problem Solving? You can! The subject matter of the class or workshop does not necessarily need to be related to your role—but you may find your passion for whatever interests you can help your career progression. In order to become an expert, you’ll need to meet a few requirements and go through a specific train-the-the trainer program, all supported by your team and the company.

A Capital One associate sitting in an orange chair and receives coaching as a benefits from working at Capital One

Resource to know #5: Help others through company-wide initiatives and programs

If you’re looking to give back and help others grow while using your professional skills or even just your time, there are many ways our associates can get involved. Whether it's partnering with a small business accelerator program to help serve a rising need for virtual tutoring or creating more opportunities to connect community members with much needed resources, associates are encouraged to give their time and knowledge to better our communities.

The robust networks within the business resource groups (BRGs) at Capital One are also a great place to plug in and get involved. The teams that lead and produce the impactful work of our BRGs are made up entirely of volunteers who are passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive space for all at Capital One. Put your communications skills to work by helping to create a BRG’s newsletter or explore your event planning passion by helping to bring one of the many speaking engagements or internal conferences to life with a collaborative team.

Each person is unique and Capital One aims to offer benefits and opportunities that impact both our associates and our communities around us. There really is something for everyone to enjoy and grow through! Through training, growth opportunities, self care and the freedom to pursue your passions, associates can fuel their careers while finding personal fulfillment.

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