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A company built on
strong foundations

While creating Capital One, our CEO and founder Rich Fairbank had a vision. He wanted to create the type of company he’d like to work for himself. A company he’d want supporting his family. And a company that did good by doing right–for colleagues, customers and communities alike. A little over 25 years on, we’re still putting in work to keep that vision on track. And, as you’ll see, we’ve no plans of stopping any time soon.

Our Strategy

Our associates play a big part in developing and driving our strategy every day. Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do and decisions are made by wisdom of the crowd. We place lots of value on diverse views and every person feels empowered to bring large, enterprise-wide initiatives to life in their own work.

Leaning Forward

We have a growth mindset. We’re always trying new things and learning from our successes and failures. Our open culture relies on ongoing feedback that helps our associates and leaders develop. We take ownership of our work and share our experiences with others so they can learn from us. It’s an approach that encourages the fresh ideas and measured risk-taking that we need to keep our business moving forward.

Making work,
work better

Here are just a few of the programs,
initiatives and events that help our associates
get more
out of their working life at
Capital One.

Discover how innovation fuels our work
“I love that management applauds you trying new things and questioning management's decisions. They also really prioritize innovation from a tech perspective rather than just saying it.” Anonymous Capital One Associate via All Associate Survey

The All Associate Survey

We encourage all of our associates to share their candid thoughts, feedback and experiences through our confidential quarterly All Associate Survey (AAS). It’s how we capture the many varied voices of associates across Capital One, giving us the insight we need to grow and improve in ways that feel authentic, relevant and useful.

Invest in Yourself Days

Invest in Yourself Days were launched in 2020 to give tech associates one day a month to curate a program that meets their professional and personal growth needs. From tech college courses to exercise classes and much more, we provide associates with a list of on-demand and live events to choose from. These days of learning and growth also serve to show our associates how much they and their hard work are valued—and they continue to be adopted by more teams!

Performance Management

Our approach to Performance Management aligns with our long-held vision of attracting the best talent and giving them the opportunity to be great. Ongoing feedback is a big part of Capital One’s open culture and reinforces our focus on the growth and development of every associate through training and access to new roles and responsibilities. We seek out the wisdom of the crowd and we also seek feedback—from peers, partners and leaders.

Meeting Management

In response to associate feedback that remote work was causing Zoom fatigue, we launched a Meeting Management program in 2021. Designed to increase meeting quality while reducing meeting quantities, one of the first deliverables of the program was a Meeting Playbook, designed as a one-stop-shop for how to run engaging meetings.


Backstage is the name of our custom, internal virtual conference platform. Developed by our Tech and Corporate Communications teams, Backstage meets the needs of our associates in ways that external products can’t, ensure a stellar associate experience for all future internal events.


Although SECON has only been happening for a few years, it has quickly grown into our largest internal Tech conference. Taking place across two full days, SECON creates a community experience for our associates that allows them to share their knowledge and grow their skills through a network of peers.


Percentage of associates who believe in Capital One’s Values, according to our latest All Associate Survey.

Living by our values

It’s how we show up and the caliber at which we perform, encouraging everyone around us to do the same.

Strategically Bold

This is all about driving breakout innovation and thinking like an entrepreneur, while also respecting our strategic plan and direction.

Intellectually Rigorous

We look to every associate to exercise judgement, challenge conventional thinking, and make fact-based decisions.


Doing the right thing is so important to us. That’s why we encourage every associate to act ethically and thoughtfully, no matter their role or level.

At the end of the day, this is who we are, how we engage with each other and what’s top of mind when serving our communities.


Vulnerability isn't weakness. It's courage. It’s strength. It’s what allows us to show up as ourselves, speak our truth, share our ideas, and build a better Capital One for all.

Teamwork Mindset

We work collaboratively, sharing our information, time and knowledge with one another. This helps achieve great things for us and our customers–all while having fun.


Whether it’s elevating associates, giving back to communities or just being kind to ourselves, treating others with respect and dignity is something we all have a part to play in at Capital One.

Striking the right balance

From retail branches to people centers, either remotely or in-person, we work in a wealth of different ways. Here’s a rough overview of how it all fits together.

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  • Build the next generation of digital tools for our customers—we’re always innovating solutions.

    Explore 254 Jobs


  • Leverage technology in new and powerful ways to pioneer change, all in the pursuit of changing banking for good.

    Explore 331 Jobs

Customer Care

  • When our customers have questions about our products and services, they’ll turn to you.

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  • Design and create future-forward products on a team of innovators helping to change banking for good.

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Data Scientist

  • Write code and crunch numbers, all in pursuit of developing models that solve problems—and make us a better bank.

    Explore 10 Jobs


  • Help us tell our story by creating memorable digital experiences for our customers through your creativity and ingenuity.

    Explore 12 Jobs

Branch Ambassador

  • Take your place on the front lines, representing our brand, problem solving and building relationships with the customers

    Explore 111 Jobs


  • Your outgoing personality and tech-savvy know-how can make all the difference for the customers that visit our cafés.

    Explore 11 Jobs


  • Use cutting-edge software, audit methodologies, and data science to help us make great business decisions.

    Explore 2 Jobs


  • Use your bold perspective and specialized skills to drive projects and implement financial strategies—challenging the way banking is done.

    Explore 38 Jobs

Commercial Banking

  • Deliver expert advice, superior products and best-in-class service to our commercial partners.

    Explore 14 Jobs

Business Banking

  • Your entrepreneurial mindset and expertise leads to one-of-a-kind service for every small business owner you assist.

    Explore 12 Jobs

Risk Management

  • Use your expertise and perspective to bring insights to the table so we can grow in the right ways.

    Explore 42 Jobs

Human Resources

  • Be on the frontlines of attracting, engaging and retaining top talent that’s helping us change banking for good.

    Explore 11 Jobs

Marketing and Communications

  • Help us tell our story, connect with customers and introduce our products and to the world.

    Explore 2 Jobs


  • Help us communicate how we’re changing banking for good, and ensure our brand is one of the most recognized in the industry.

    Explore 9 Jobs

Data Analyst

  • Analyze, develop and test the strategies that pull insights from our data and move us forward.

    Explore 26 Jobs

Business Analyst

  • Use your strategic and analytical skills to help solve major challenges and make both our business and banking, better.

    Explore 21 Jobs


  • Offer simple answers to complex questions, while helping both our team and customers thrive.

    Explore 14 Jobs


  • Move our innovations closer to reality by mitigating legal risk with your expertise and ability to advise on strategic business decisions.

    Explore 3 Jobs

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