A Hybrid Work Model at Capital One
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A colorful illustration of various Capital One animated associates working in different areas- on a couch, at a desk, with a dog, with the words 'How We Hybrid'

A Hybrid Work Model at Capital One

As a disruptive fintech company, we realize that flexibility is key. That’s why we designed a hybrid model that provides a flexible work environment to support our associates who split time working at their home and the office.

In the past two years, we’ve discovered that remote work is effective and empowering. Our commutes are shorter. Our daily schedules are more efficient. Our lives don’t always fit around a 9-to-5 work schedule. In a virtual setting, we can better balance our work around life’s demands, allowing most of our associates to feel productive, effective and engaged.

On the other hand, our offices and campuses provide unique opportunities for planned collaboration, innovation and mentorship. And we benefit from spontaneous chances to deepen personal connections—whether it be with our team, friends we miss or strangers we meet in line for a cup of coffee. New associates who come to the office get to be around colleagues, participate in team events, find mentors, build networks, and accelerate onboarding and learning.

Flexibility has always been part of Capital One’s culture, even before the pandemic shifted most of our associates to a temporary remote work model. Many teams were already collaborating and connecting across time zones, and associates were empowered to work when and how they needed to. We know flexibility unleashes the potential of our associates.

Ultimately, we want our people to both work in an environment that best supports them and use our offices in ways that are most effective for who they are and how they work best.

“We have seen what we can achieve together, whether in-person around a conference room table or on a checkerboard screen at a kitchen table,” said Rich Fairbank, founder and CEO of Capital One. “We’ve rallied to support our customers when they’ve needed us most. And our company is growing and thriving.”

How our hybrid model works

In a hybrid work environment, it’s a priority that everyone feels included, no matter where and how they collaborate. That’s why we concentrate the days we come together in the office, and the days we work virtually.

Mondays and Fridays are enterprise-wide virtual work days. Associates can work from wherever they thrive, whether that's at home, a coffee shop or Capital One offices, which are open with limited services for independent and heads-down work. Use the time to work on new skills, network with colleagues across the country and make headway on a project.

Offices are fully open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for associates to spend time together in our beautifully-designed team areas, delicious in-house cafes or serene outdoor spaces. Teams develop their own rhythms and practices suited to their needs and where their associates are working on any given day.

Finding the right role

Whether you want to work virtually full time, 100 percent in-person or a mix of both, we have options for you.

If you’re looking for a fully remote position, search ‘Remote’ roles within a job search. A role that has the location listed as ‘Remote, USA’ is remote eligible.

Most of our Contact Center and Operation associates work from home.

For Cafe and Retail branch roles, associates work in person to represent our brand, build solid relationships, solve problems and help customers plan out their financial goals.

No matter the position, you’ll be able to interview from the comfort of your home. Given the success of our virtual interviewing model, and the flexibility it allows for both interviewers and candidates, we continue to utilize virtual interviewing in our hybrid model.

Regular testing will be required to come to the office for associates who do not show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. For more information, visit our FAQs.