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Capital One associate Eileen stands in front of a blurred background and smiles, with a two-toned blue triangular patterned background to the left of her picture

How tuition benefits support diverse career journeys

Two years into earning a bachelor’s degree, Eileen decided college wasn’t for her. She was tired of learning in the classroom and eager to get hands-on experience at a full-time job.

Over the next decade, Eileen worked as an event planner, systems administrator and customer services rep. But it wasn’t until she joined Capital One full-time in 2014 as a communications liaison for Workplace Solutions, the team responsible for creating and implementing workplace design strategy, that she felt she could achieve long-term career success without a degree.

At Capital One, Eileen found an employer, manager and team who have encouraged and supported her career growth by expanding her job responsibilities, sponsoring trips to conferences and paying for graphic design and coding courses.

“You can still succeed and have a fulfilling career at Capital One without a college degree,” said Eileen, now a content manager for Workplace Solutions. “Capital One has given me countless opportunities to grow and develop my skills.”

From a tuition assistance benefit—which provides a maximum of $5,250 in tuition costs up front rather than through reimbursement—to free career development resources, Capital One has committed to supporting the development of our associates across all education and professional backgrounds.

Gena, Executive Talent Acquisition Leader at Capital One, smiles at the camera standing in front of a white wall, all next to a two-tone blue triangular background to the left

Supportive leaders and resources

After two years working as an administrative assistant at Capital One, Gena was ready to apply for a human resources consultant position. The only worry? Gena was concerned she wouldn’t get the job since she didn’t have a bachelor’s degree.

A vice president in her organization encouraged her to apply anyway, and her colleagues helped Gena prepare to show off how she exceeded the basic qualifications of the role, including her job specific-skills and how she approaches work. She got the job and spent about three years in the position before earning another promotion to talent acquisition leader for executive positions in late 2021.

“I have really great leaders and colleagues at Capital One,” Gena said. “They are supportive partners in my learning journey. They provide a place where I can say, ‘I don't know this thing. Can you help?’ That can be scary, but I trust my leaders.”

One of the most impactful moments in Gena’s career while participating in “Leadership Circles” through empowHER, Capital One’s Business Resource Group for women and allies. “Leadership Circles” is a development program that taught Gena to leverage her strengths, advocate for herself and create a career plan.

As part of her career roadmap, Gena plans to use Capital One’s tuition assistance benefit to earn a bachelor’s degree in human resources management. Capital One recently expanded this benefit so that associates now have the option for Capital One to cover the annual $5,250 in tuition assistance up front instead of reimbursing costs. Additional new enhancements to our tuition assistance program let associates fast-track a degree debt-free and with little to no out of pocket costs.

“I am blessed to work with great people that truly care about my success,” Gena said. “I don't think I am the only lucky one. Our culture and standards for associates create an exceptional experience available to everyone.”

Eileen, Content Manager at Capital One, stands and smiles in front of a blurred background, with a two-toned blue triangular patterned background to the left of her image

Choosing your growth opportunities

Every year at Capital One has brought new opportunities for Eileen to grow in her career and expand her skills.

She took courses on HTML, InDesign and Dreamweaver at a community college. She became the manager and scheduler for corporate displays across Capital One offices and led the effort for Workplace Solutions to remodel Capital One’s intranet.

In 2022, Eileen attended InfoComm, a conference for the audiovisual industry, where she earned Digital Signage Certified Expert status.

"My team has always empowered me to create my own career journey," Eileen said. "I'm never faulted or second guessed when I say 'I learn this way' or 'I don't think this will be valuable for me.' I have every opportunity I'd want for a fulfilling, long-lasting career."

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