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3 ways Capital One leaders support associates

At Capital One, we know compassionate leadership is crucial to wellbeing. When leaders care about associates, that inspires them to be their best selves. 

We spoke to a few associates and managers on how Capital One leadership encourages them to step into their full potential.

How leaders invest in your growth

“I came right into Capital One after college for the Technology Development Program (TDP). During the program, my manager was a very, very good mentor. He actually cared about me as a human being, not just getting the work done. He encouraged me to join Women in Tech, Capital One’s Business Resource Group supporting women in my field.” - Marlina, TDP associate in Card Processing

“At Capital One, I have space to think about what I want to do to grow. I’m able to invest in management skills I want to learn as a people leader, so I can help my team grow.” - Mai Nhia, project manager for External Affairs

“Software engineering is definitely an environment where you have to constantly be learning. Capital One does a great job in promoting a culture of curiosity. I feel like I’m always told by my managers to ask questions. They don’t expect you to have all the answers.” - Lucas, TDP associate

How leaders make space for associates

“One day I was presenting to a group of stakeholders, and it didn’t go as well as I wanted to. I was generally feeling crummy about it. The first thing I did right after was message my manager, and he said, ‘I'm dropping everything. We're getting on a call right now.’ He let me vent and go through my emotions. I didn't have to keep a mask or facade up.” - Taylor, principal conversation designer for Enterprise Product and Experience

“I wasn’t feeling well at all one day, but I was still working. When my manager found out, they told me, ‘Just shut down the computer and rest.’ Then, they also sent me some soup and bread to help me recover from my illness. It was a very kind gesture.”- Swathi, lead software engineer for Tech Partnerships

“Capital One leaders helped me transition from military service into corporate life by just being there and answering every question. My manager has been my go-to for everything. I've learned so much. She's been patient and understanding and realizes that I come from a different background and that there's a lot to learn.” - Carlos, project manager for External Affairs

“During school, I struggled with balancing life and work. At Capital One, my manager encourages me to step away from my computer. She encourages me to take a 10-minute walk around campus and do different things like that. Work-life balance is so important here.” - Valeria, Management Rotation Program (MRP) associate

How leaders inspire confidence

“The culture of learning and problem-solving is amplified from leaders to those in their first jobs. Everyone can voice their opinions and ask questions. There’s no judgment.” - David, director for User Experience Research

“At Capital One there is transparency at every level.  You can easily propose your ideas to leadership. They are receptive to that. Leadership respects my opinions and I can put forward my thoughts without any inhibitions.” - Swathi, lead software engineer for Tech Partnerships

“Capital One has motivational leaders. We have people that will help you get to where you want to be. It’s just exciting to see everyone thriving and happy.” - Carlos, project manager for External Affairs

“When I first started working at Capital One, I was very lost. It was imposter syndrome at its finest. My managers, and even people I didn’t work with gave me a pep talk and reminded me that Capital One hired me for a reason. And that makes a difference.” - Chantel, director for Cyber Security Intelligence

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