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Two Capital One associates sit across a table in Capital One's Boston office

Why Capital One Boston is a great place to work

Emily graduated from Boston University in 2023, ready to jump into a career in computer science. She joined Capital One’s Technology Development Program (TDP) at the Boston office, where she was supported during her transition from college to a full time job.

Now, as Boston’s TDP lead and a software engineer for finance tech, she reviews resumes and provides coaching sessions for students—some of them in the same rooms where she was mentored as an undergraduate.

“It was a full circle moment for me,” Emily said. “It was great talking to each of the students, encouraging them and boosting up their confidence. I was able to use my experience and prove that Capital One is invested in undergraduates.” 

Capital One’s Boston office is leading the way for innovative tech work in the city, all while building a vibrant associate culture and connecting with local campuses and the community.

Innovative work

Brian McMahon, managing vice president of software engineering and Boston site lead, envisioned the office as a hub for technologists from the beginning.

“We’re here for the talent,” Brian said. “We’re located amongst other top tier tech companies and a very dynamic start up community.”

Boston’s tech talent pool includes people like Kevin, a distinguished engineer in Digital Commerce and Innovation. His work at the Boston office involves using emerging technologies to streamline digital payments and thinking of new ways to build relationships with customers. 

During his career at Capital One, he has been granted over 70 patents via Capital One’s OnePatents program and was inducted into the Capital One Inventors Hall of Fame. He previously worked remotely, but when Brian invited him to the Boston location, he was able to help others patent their ideas.

“As I’ve settled into the Boston location, I’ve given presentations on the patent program and led brainstorming sessions,” Kevin said. “I’m very keen on helping other people shape their ideas.”

Emily’s projects have involved shaping Capital One models. She’s particularly proud of her work streamlining and updating an internal Capital One platform, where she reduced the processing time from multiple days to a few hours. And when she reaches a creative roadblock, she only has to look out the window of the office in Cambridge.

“You really feel like it’s the center of tech,” Emily said. “You look outside and you get the Boston skyline, you see MIT and other companies. Tech is all around us.”

Vibrant culture

While the location provides a lift, Brian has gone above and beyond in shaping the Boston office culture to be something special.

“We want the office to be a place of inspiration, energy and connectedness,” Brian said. “I wanted it to feel organic, that it’s by associates, for associates. People here know that no matter who they are, if they have an idea, it’s embraced, listened to and brought to life.”

Brian and his team implemented a host of programs for associates to participate in. His signature program is “chumming,” where associates are paired randomly with one another for a coffee chat. Often, they end the conversation by posting a selfie on the Boston slack channel.

“The Boston office is such a cross-section of Capital One. With chumming, you get to meet people from all across the enterprise,” Kevin said. “It’s a great way to learn more about the business.”

Chumming is just one of many internal events that associates can participate in. Associates can participate in after-work events at local restaurants, or spend time in the office with lunch and learns or volunteer opportunities. Recently, the team gathered for a presentation event, where associates spoke about their interests outside of work. Emily shared her passion for theme parks, while Kevin spoke about lasers he works with at home.

“It’s a very fun community,” Emily said. “Capital One is a large company, but these events make it feel small.”

Community connections

The Boston office has used its passion and drive to give back to the community. Most recently, associates supported Tech Goes Home, a Boston organization that supports digital accessibility. Community participants are able to take classes led by Capital One technologists, and go home with a Chromebook or iPad that associates donated.

“Through our partnership with Tech Goes Home, we’re making technology more accessible and sharing our knowledge with the community,” Emily said.

The office’s location on the MIT campus helps facilitate collaboration with local universities. Researchers in the area have stopped by to give talks on emerging technologies and data science research. 

Kevin always looks forward to these opportunities.

“You get to learn about the latest developments in AI and computer science. There are fantastic benefits to that,” Kevin said. “Sometimes it’s a seminar, but often it turns into a conversation. We’re able to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other.”

By engaging with the community, creating a vibrant office culture and encouraging tech work, Capital One Boston has emerged as the preeminent workplace in the city.

“At the Boston office, you can meet up with anyone and learn more about what they’re doing. It’s an open culture and open to learning,” Emily said. “That’s what makes Capital One stand out.”

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