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Across two summers with Capital One’s internship programs, Megan has learned to code, communicate effectively and speak up with her questions. She helped Card Services create a machine-learning model to predict when customers would close their credit cards and worked with Retail Bank to build models that detect internal fraud. 

“I want to work with data to make the world a better place,” said Megan, who's participating in the 2023 Analyst Internship Program. “That sounds like a lofty goal, but Capital One shares the same goal. I’ll carry the things I learn here throughout my professional journey, wherever it may take me.”

Discover how an internship at Capital One will provide you with the learning resources and community to help you gain real-world experience.

We have invigorating, real work

Milo’s dream job is to be a security center operations analyst who eliminates threats like phishing and ransomware attacks. He’s already getting to do that with the Cyber Security Internship Program.

Milo helps gather insights and package that information together to share with leadership to shape their cybersecurity strategy. 

“I’m completing the exact sort of work I’d be doing if I was a full-time associate,” Milo said. “At the same time, I get to interact with all kinds of people and learn about their jobs. It helps me understand the aspects I like, what I don’t like and why I want to be a security operations analyst.” 

Meanwhile, Robby is still searching for his dream job. He sees his work with the Management Internship Program as a valuable way to add value to his team and explore career paths. He’s worked on data sets that help advance automation products. He had one-on-one meetings with executives in product and card teams. He assisted a
risk specialist with a project to make sure associates were up to date on their training. 

“The uncertainty in the journey is embraced,” Robby said. “From day one, Capital One has told us to explore and find things that give you joy.” 

We’re excited to help

During the Technology Internship Program, Cayla has received help from plenty of resources and teammates to learn about back-end and front-end development, along with machine learning. Colleagues and leaders encourage her curiosity, always welcome questions and take the time to teach her. Resources like Tech College—our engineer-designed, and associate-led, learning platform with thousands of free courses—boost her skills. 

“My team is open and receptive to my questions while I’m familiarizing myself with tech stacks and product strategies,” Cayla said. “People here are so nice, knowledgeable and want to see you succeed. My voice and experience feel important to them.”

Matthew finds the same support and learning opportunities in the Product Development Internship Program. While he assists in developing servicing solutions for other teams, Matthew often turns to his colleagues to understand their best practices. He’s also used Product College, an in-house resource, to learn and to connect with product managers outside his team. 

“I have a dream to lead a team of developers, designers and business experts to create transformative products that benefit many people around the world,” Matthew said. “Everyone at Capital One is willing to help me take the time to get there. I feel included.”

Xiomara hopes to one day work at the United Nations or World Bank to reform international finance and lending involving developing countries. Her participation in the Management Internship Program will help her understand the business side of banking, as she gets to meet with associates working in Card, Risk and Emerging Platforms.

“My experience with Card Risk will help me understand how processes are documented, what regulations are applicable to different business decisions and how expansive regulations are in regards to lending and banking,” Xiomara said. “People are so accommodating in my learning.”

We want you to be yourself

While Megan loved the work in her first internship with Capital One, the company's culture played an even more important factor in her return. 

“I always assumed the corporate world was dull, but that’s not the case here,” Megan said. “Capital One has so much personality. Individuality is encouraged. They want us to have diverse perspectives and bring our ideas forward.”

Allie, who’s in the Cyber Security Internship Program was immediately put at ease when she saw how many other women and people of color were working in Tech and part of the internship program. 

“There are so many different people working with varied identities and education backgrounds,” Allie said. “That’s not something I’ve experienced in other internships. That pushed me to get out of my shell to reach out, learn and take stepping stones for my career. I’m in awe.”

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