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Jackie Cooper, Capital One associate, sits at her kitchen table with her laptop and headset and works from home

A Supportive Environment for Neurodiverse Families

A thousand questions entered Jackie’s mind when her then 2-year-old daughter, Jaimie, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism, a condition in which a person cannot communicate with someone through speaking. What kind of care would Jaimie need? How could she advocate for her daughter? How could Jackie be successful at home and work?

Capital One associate Jackie wears an Autism support shirt with her daughter

Jackie found many of her answers at Capital One—through supportive resources, empathetic colleagues and CapAbilities, our Business Resource Group (BRG) for associates who have a disability, caregivers and allies. And Jackie has been able to care for her daughter while still finding time at work to grow into a leadership role.

“Life at Capital One means acceptance,” she said. “It means putting your family first. It means always bringing your whole self to work.”

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