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Learn what you need to know about one way interviewing at Capital One

What you need to know about one way video interviewing

Picture this: you applied to a Customer Care role at Capital One and you’ve been invited to interview for an exciting new role (hooray!). But then, you receive an email for something called a one directional interview, or a one way video interview. Don’t worry! If you’re not familiar with this kind of interview, there’s no need to get nervous. The one-way video interview process shouldn’t be intimidating.

First things first, if you’ve applied to a Customer Care role, make sure that you’re routinely checking your junk mail box—you never know what could be finding its way in there by mistake! Emails for one-way video interviews from Capital One will be from Modern Hire and will come with a header stating “on-demand, one-way video Interview, powered by Modern Hire.” Be sure to open that email and follow the directions inside.

Learn what you need to know about one way interviewing at Capital One

This type of video interview offers a wonderful digital experience that works with your schedule. You can complete it at any time of day, when you’re able to find quiet time in your schedule. Plus, you can interview from the comfort of your own home. The tips and tricks below will help you put your best foot forward and navigate the one way video interviewing process with confidence.

Be prepared by using the right equipment and technology

The one way video interview is conducted using a series of prerecorded questions asked by Capital One associates that you will respond to by recording your own videos. You will need to make sure you have a computer or mobile phone with a camera and video capability so you’re able to record both video and audio. You may want to check out these additional tips for virtual interviews to prepare yourself and your space.

The Capital One Interview Experience team recommends these best practices to ensure you’re ready for a great interview:

  • Use the Google Chrome browser to access the interview for the most seamless experience
  • Unmute your speakers or use headphones so you can hear the questions clearly
  • Practice using the video capabilities and responding to questions on the test page of the interview platform (your recruiter won’t be able to see these test videos)

Learn what you need to know about one way interviewing at Capital One

Familiarize yourself with the format

Candidates will be able to re-record as many times as needed within a 2 hour window. Once the candidate opens the interview and starts the process, the 2 hour time limit will begin. After the timer has started, it cannot be paused. You will have 3 minutes to record your responses but will be able to re-record, as long as it is within that 2 hour time limit. 

Learn what you need to know about one way interviewing at Capital One

Answer questions using the SAR method

You should respond to questions using the SAR (Situation-Action-Results) format when possible. Think about organizing your responses like this:

  • Situation: providing specific details about the situation you were in or are describing
  • Action: explain the action(s) you took to address the situation
  • Results: share the response/results of your action(s)

Try to paint as full of a picture as possible of the series of events so your recruiter can follow along and understand.

For example, say you were asked about a proud moment in your career. Maybe you worked while attending college courses and were able to graduate. You would want to set the situation up by describing how you wanted to pursue a college degree and possibly share why it was important to you, but that you also realized the importance of staying committed to your job. Then, you could move on to explain your work and class schedules and how you balanced them while also finding time to study. Finally, you could talk about how you obtained your degree and graduated.

Learn what you need to know about one way interviewing at Capital One

Bring the same energy and excitement as you would for an in-person interview

Even though you won’t actually be having a conversation with another person face to face, it’s still important to prepare and engage as if you were talking to someone else. Try to dress professionally. It’s an instant confidence boost for yourself and shows you’re taking the interview seriously.

Find a quiet place that is free from distractions to complete your interview. You’ll want all of your focus to be on the interview, not the background noises or activity. Find a neutral background and try to keep pets or children out of the room while you’re interviewing. Make sure you are centered in the video frame as well. Most importantly, make sure your phone ringer is silenced and your notifications are turned off so you won’t be interrupted by a text message or phone call.

Learn how to prepare for a one way interview at Capital One

You will have the opportunity to record a virtual introduction as well before starting the interview, so give some thought to how you’d like your recruiter to get to know you. Think of it as if you’re answering the question “so tell me a little about yourself.” Before starting your interview, take some time to think about how you would want to respond to this question so you feel confident in your introduction and how well it paints a picture of you.

Do’s and don'ts of one way video interviewing

Do use Google Chrome to access the interview platform. Don’t use a phone or computer that doesn’t have a camera—video recording is essential to this interview.
Do practice and explore the platform so you are familiar with the format and how the interview will flow. Once you begin the official interview, you won’t be able to re-record any answers. Don’t allow distractions to take away your focus. Make sure your interview space is quiet and focused.

Do use the SAR (Situation-Action-Results) format to answer questions.

Do remember to smile and bring your best self to the interview experience, even though it isn’t a face-to-face conversation.

While the one way video interview might be a new situation for you, with a little practice and preparation, you can complete it with confidence and ease. For more interviewing advice, be sure to read this roundup of tips to land your next great job!

Learn how to prepare for a one way interview at Capital One

Ready to join Capital One? Take a look at our open Customer Care roles and find your next exciting career opportunity!

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