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Capital One associates talk about tips to ace their case interview for analyst job interviews

4 tips to ace your Capital One case interview

You’ve submitted an application for a position with Capital One. Now, it’s time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills through a case interview. 

What is a case interview?

During case interviews, we present you with a hypothetical scenario and objective that is similar to the work you’ll encounter in your role, for example, what factors you’d have to consider to increase the profits of a bus route. They’re an essential part of interviewing, but not all positions require case interviews.

Case interviews are designed to be open conversations, so we want you to take notes, ask questions and think like a business owner when you share your thoughts on the scenario. This is an opportunity to showcase your strategic thinking, communication, creativity and analytical skills.

How to prepare for a case interview

Now that you what to expect for your case interview, here are four tips to help you prepare: 

1. There isn’t one right answer

Your case will involve a bunch of variables—and if you’re thinking broadly—there is naturally going to be more than one final answer. Your answer should take the form of a recommendation about what steps the business owner should take and why. You’ll use the evidence and information from your thought process to back up your recommendation, so make sure to capture your process in an organized way. 

2. Share your thinking and reasoning 

Your interview is ultimately looking to see how you work through a problem, get to your solution and arrive at a final recommendation, so they’re just as interested in how you get to your final answer. Talk to them about your thinking, and be prepared to defend your answer with data.

3. Practice explaining complex concepts

Your interviewer will be looking for your ability to break down approaches in non-technical terms. Think of it like you’re explaining your solution to someone who works in a totally different field. 

4. Avoid talking about your resume

There will be other interviews where you’ll discuss your credentials or accomplishments. For the case interview, you’re gonna want to let your skills and experience shine through your work unpacking the case you’re presented with.  

And remember …

As your case interview approaches, remember to take a deep breath. This is a great opportunity to show your unique perspective. 

P.S. If you're interested in any of our Students & Grads programs, head to the event page to sign up for an interview prep session. 

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