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An animated picture with triangular Capital One blue background colors, and an animated picture of a man receiving coffee, with a message in the top right saying, "We live in color. We should create with it."

Living in Color: A story of creative representation

More Color Please, an associate-led initiative with Capital One's Brand Creative team, works by the charge "We live in color. We should create with it."

So in 2021, when the team was brainstorming innovative ways to show off their charge, they were inspired to speak up on the importance of having people of color in professional creative roles, and the obstacles that prevent them from being in those spaces in the first place.

And just like that, the “Living in Color” video was born. The project brings to life why diverse voices and representation equates to stronger work, and how having a harmonic blend of shades and concepts adds to the artistry of our brand, as well as our culture at Capital One.

Check out the video below, then read on for more behind-the-scenes details.

Making a more colorful world

In “Living in Color,” there are interchanging voices, hands and points-of-view to illustrate that creative work is about all perspectives. That inclusiveness was also mirrored in the process of creating the visuals. For six months, “Living in Color” brought associates of various ethnic backgrounds and teams to show the value in everyone having a seat at the table.

The work MCP did with “Living in Color” epitomizes what being an associate at Capital One is all about: collaborating in a welcoming and innovative space for all that fuels inspiration and ignites better, more inventive work among our teams.

“We wanted to create a project that showed how we work as a team and the creative process here at Capital One,” said Jerome, an associate creative director for Brand Creative, director of “Living in Color'' and founder of MCP.

Harnessing creative collaboration

Fourteen associates helped complete much of the work in-house, including the storyboarding, musical arrangement and scriptwriting.

An animated image with Capital One blue and yellow colored triangular background, with a quote on top that says, "Being a part of a project led and developed by those who are typically underrepresented was the most gratifying part of this experience." - Sterling Giles, Capital One Senior Copywriter

Sterling, a senior copywriter in Brand Creative who was a scriptwriter for the project, compared his contribution to "Living in Color" to painting a blank canvas. This project started as an idea, and it then became a reality with every creatives' stroke of their unique paintbrush. “Living in Color” allowed everyone involved to paint their perspective and expertise, and for Sterling, it was script ideation and voice over work.

“It was an honor to be a part of this project and watch it come into fruition,” Sterling said. “Being a part of a project led and developed by those who are typically underrepresented was the most gratifying part of this experience.”

The collaboration among associates required fluid and diligent work behind the scenes. Ashley, a principal producer with the Brand Creative Studio, managed staff talent and scheduling to ensure everyone could contribute.

“The best part of the work is always seeing the finished product,” Ashley said. “Seeing how everything came together made me the happiest.”

An animated picture of six Capital One associates sitting around a conference table all with their laptops open, titles listed above each

Visualizing a harmonious future

Without the cooperation of inspiration, critique and harmony, the creative process falls flat. To get there, we need color in the room and in the work.

MCP’s vision to give everyone equitable opportunities in creative spaces is one that channels Capital One’s culture of belonging. “Living in Color” isn’t just a video—it’s a testament to the power of collective action here at Capital One, how our teams transform into communities when inspired to make a difference.

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