Our Interview Process

We Believe in Two-Way Conversations
You’ve gone through our application, screening and testing phases, and you’ve been invited for an in-person interview.  Interviews help us learn more about you and your qualifications while also providing you an opportunity to meet our associates, better understand the company, and see our work environment first hand.

Your Interview Day
We try to ensure our assessments are as accurate and fair as they can possibly be when we interview you. The type, number of interviews and interviewers, length, and complexity of questions will vary depending on the specific position for which you are being considered. Your potential manager or colleagues are among those who will be conducting your interviews.

Our Interview Style
Our interviews give you the opportunity to share detailed information about your work experience and how you have performed in previous work-related situations. In addition, we’ll ask you about your interests and give you an opportunity to inquire about our organization and career opportunities.

Case Interviews
For some jobs, like analytical roles, we believe the best way we can assess your problem-solving skills is to discuss a business problem with you. Case interviews are broad, two-way discussions rather than one-way tests. You will be assessed more on how you go about dealing with the problem rather than on the specific answers you come up with.